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You’re a damn artist! This is art, Mr. White!

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She’s insulting me! She’s insulting my family. She’s insulting my congregation, and she’s insulting my faith. She’s implying that Christians are imbeciles who’ll believe anything, and reducing God to a party hat that endorses political candidates.
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Powerful TV quotes: House of Cards (2013) - s01e12

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The people I’ve met who really inspire me are those who take the horrendous inequality of the world very seriously, but also have compassion for any number of problems. I wouldn’t even try to claim that I’ve made it to that level myself, but I think that’s the goal. You can’t even begin to trust people who say they are concerned with equality but act like assholes. In every basic way, compassion is just an enormous thing that has to cover the micro and the macro of your life. That sounds very new-age-y, but it’s a basic approach to life.
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